Introducing The Centennial Collection

Our recent acquisition of five established regional malls represents the next stage of Centennial Real Estate's mission; to increase investment returns at lower relative risk through exceptional problem solving in the real estate space. With our new Centennial Collection of regional shopping malls, we will work hand in hand with community leaders and fellow business owners, our retail partners and residents of the communities we have invested in to provide safe, comfortable and inviting centers that serve as the hub of the community.

We pledge to steward the properties not only with high standards, but with a dedication to shape the center as the community desires. The properties will reflect the personality and style of area residents. They will be comfortable places for fellowship, shopping, dining and entertainment. We will welcome the consumer back to their favorite shopping center. Again.

Watch as we enhance the value of these fine properties by weaving our services, store offerings, and ambiance into the fabric of each community's daily life. Then follow us as we expand the Centennial Collection of unique regional malls with carefully edited and thoughtfully selected new properties to enhance investment returns for our stakeholders.

Brazos Mall   |   Chico Mall   |   Connecticut Post Mall   |   Fox Valley Mall   |   Hawthorn Mall   |   MainPlace Mall   |   Pueblo Mall   |   Vancouver Mall